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Multimedia on Industrial Networking for Transportation Automation

Easy Railroad Condition Monitoring

See how an RTU controller can provide remote monitoring of wayside equipment devices: railroad crossing boom gate positions, flashing lights, and sirens, etc., by providing early warnings of possible system failures and other anomalous behavior.

Wireless Access Points with M12 connectors

Moxa introduces its latest wireless offering, the AWK M12 series. Designed to work out-of-the-box as access point, bridge, or standalone client, these rugged 3-in-1 devices now come with locking M12 connectors, to protect against the effects of environmental vibration.

Relay Bypass for Onboard Train Networks

In this demo of a onboard train network, relay bypass technology prevents a single failure from taking down an entire network. Even with power disconnected from the middle switch in the line, a live video feed is transmitted from the third switch through the bypassed port to the first switch.

ECDIS for Marine Panel Computers

Introducing the world’s first IP67 rated marine panel computer, the MPC-122-K. See the difference in ECDIS color calibration and fanless thermal design of this sleek addition to maritime applications.

Ethernet aboard real life ship applications

See how Moxa's industrial Ethernet networking solutions are applied to marine applications as well as weapon, communication, and power systems.

Passing EN50155 with Moxa Embedded Computers

See how we passed EN 50155 and learn the technology of the patented HD bracket that ensures HDDs and SSDs are protected from shock and vibration.

MXview™: Industrial Network Management Software

Learn about MXview’s features and how to set up the software in 4 easy steps.

Record breaking redundancy for ring topologies

Moxa Turbo Ring™ recovers network segment failures in <20 ms – the fastest in the world!

Moxa Turbo Chain™

View the flash demo of multiple onboard ship applications that effectively utilize Ethernet technology.

First-class Marine Grade Computer

Watch the product demo for the MC-4510-C23 Master series - specifically designed to provide a perfect combination of high performance and reliability.

Real-world Test of Turbo Roaming

See how Moxa’s Turbo Roaming™ technology seamlessly hands over the wireless feed in <100ms.