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Industrial Networking for Marine Transportation Automation

The relentlessly harsh conditions at sea places special challenges on networking equipment. Devices must adhere to strict specifications and certifications for size, ruggedness, and reliability. Specially certified products from Moxa have helped devices communicate with each other at sea and on offshore sites.

Featured Products

MD-119 Series: 19” ECDIS marine display, 1280 x 1024 resolution

The 19” wide viewable image size with 5:4 aspect ratio and 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution make the MD-119 ideal for a variety of marine applications. The full range dimming and optical bonding (optional) are well-suited for a variety of marine applications, and meet all required marine standards. Lastly, the PIP (picture-In-picture) and PBP (picture-by-picture) functions are available to offer multiple configurations for screen displays.

MD-124 Series: 24” marine display with wide viewable image size

The 24” panel features a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, making this display ideal for any marine application requiring detailed, high-resolution imagery. In addition, with full range dimming, optical bonding (Y models only), and designed with 2D, 178° wide angle viewing, these computer display terminals satisfy a variety of international maritime standards.

MC-7130-MP: x86 ECDIS computer with Intel® i3 CPU

The marine grade MC-7130-MP computer features a rugged chassis and vibration tolerance up to 1G, which together provide the most reliable operation for harsh environments and conditions. In addition, the compact size, and low power consumption deliver an optimal thermal solution and make installation easy for bridge systems in marine applications.

MC-5150-DC-CP: High performance Intel® Core™ i5 processor computer

Designed with highest quality and durability in mind, the marine-grade MC-5150-DC-CP computer features a rugged chassis, 1G anti-vibration, and 5G anti-shock, which together provide the most reliable operation in harsh environments and conditions.


Marine Brochure

Moxa’s shipboard networking and computing equipment are silently assuming command aboard ships all across the world. Download our marine brochure to find out how Moxa has built upon its cutting edge ECDIS compliant color calibration technology to add innovative efficiency and convenience to our rugged, reliable marine displays. In combination with a line of maritime products that includes fanless marine computers and our award-winning Ethernet switches, Moxa’s products can revolutionize your maritime systems, electronically integrating and automating your entire network of operations.


Case Studies

ECDIS Navigation System

ECDIS stands for Electronic Chart Display and Information System, and it is a huge leap forward for seaways navigation. This technical case study is a brief introduction to ECDIS components, relating a few of the details about how these systems are put together and the technical requirements that must be met to build a dependable and efficient ECDIS bridge station.

Oil Spill Detection System

This is a technical case study reviewing the specialized marine hardware components that make up an oil spill detection (OSD) system. In it, we give a general overview of the requirements industrial computers must meet to effectively serve these specialized systems, and indicate the peculiar elements of maritime technical environments that an OSD computer must fulfill.


EDCIS Hardware and the Integrated Bridge

The marine industry’s mandated transition to the Electronic Charts Display and Information System is a revolutionary development in ships’ bridge systems. In this white paper, we show you how technological advances are aiding in modularization of bridge systems, and particularly how a new technique for calibrating color in ECDIS displays is simplifying the design and deployment of these systems.

How to Build Industrial Computers that Resist Vibration and Shock

This white paper first explains some background about the physics behind vibration and shock, and then explores the specific mechanisms and technology used to build an industrial computer with high resilience against these harsh conditions.

Creating Embedded Computing Opportunities in Marine Shipping

This white paper explores the various unique challenges posed when deploying embedded computers in various locations on a seagoing vessel, and identifies how these challenges can be overcome by the rugged and robust products in Moxa’s product line.

How to Choose a Marine Computer: Criteria for Selection

Modern ships host an ever-increasing amount of electronic equipment. Learn how to select a computer that's up to the challenge of effectively managing these many devices in a demanding maritime environment.

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