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Networking Application Guides for ITS Automation


IP Surveillance Solutions Brochure

Moxa’s IP surveillance products feature a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 75°C), without the need for a heater or fan. Level 3 EMI/EMC protection, IP66 rain and dust protection, and key industrial certifications allow Moxa cameras to deliver non-stop IP video streaming and recording functionality for extreme applications.

ITS Success Stories

This ITS Success Story Book includes six proven case studies in using Moxa’s edge-to-core solutions to provide non-stop traffic safety.

ITS Solution Guide

Moxa provides highly reliable ITS solutions for the ever-increasing complexities of city traffic. Discover how to meet all of your traffic safety requirements and achieve greater control and better efficiency for roadway traffic management through this solutions brochure.

HD IP Camera Brochure

To empower security systems to continuously capture video under extreme weather conditions,
Moxa introduces the world’s first extreme weather IP camera, the VPort 36-1MP series, which delivers 720P HD video streams in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 75°C with no fan or heater required.

Integrated and Resilient Networks for Safe and Effective Tunnel Operations

Tunnels present some unique requirements for intelligent traffic systems. This flyer describes how to integrate a tunnel-wide network of multiple infrastructure solutions, including ventilation, traffic monitoring, road and signage lightning, fire detection and alarms, air quality measurements, water drainage systems, and emergency communications.

Ruggedized Intelligent E-Bus Solutions Guide

Intelligent E-Bus systems include digital signage, bus tracking, and other technologies that increase passenger safety and convenience as well as overall efficiency. Moxa's product portfolio includes rugged, powerful, and feature-packed devices that excel on E-Bus systems.

Responsive and Reliable Unified Traffic Management Systems

This guide explores how the latest technologies can create traffic management systems that increase traffic capacity, efficiency, and safety. Moxa's products are the backbone that combines real-time traffic management control, video surveillance, and traffic monitoring on one high capacity IP network.