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Case Studies on Industrial Networking for ITS Automation

Department of Transportation Deploys ITS over Fiber Gigabit Ethernet

Read how the state DOT planned to centralize traffic control/monitoring of highways (including roads, bridges, and tunnels) across the state’s 5 central TMCs.

China Highways Deploy HD IP Surveillance

The “Safe City” program, launched nationwide in 2006, has triggered the installation of millions of surveillance cameras across China in over 600 cities. Surveillance systems are increasingly implementing high-definition IP cameras and many have also deployed PoE-based IP cameras to take advantage of simple deployment, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance.

Southern Italian Communities Converge Video Surveillance via IP-Based Infrastructure

The Italian government and a number of local municipalities in southern Italy, including Lecce, Mural, and San Pietro, decided to increase their safety and security facilities with the largest IP video surveillance framework ever deployed in Italy.

World’s 5th Longest Tunnel Deploys Ethernet for Traffic Control System

Taiwan’s Hsuehshan Tunnel is the second longest road tunnel in Southeast Asia (fifth longest in the world) and is composed of 3 independent tunnels (one pilot tunnel, one West-bound tunnel, and one East-bound tunnel) stretching 12.9 kilometers through Hsuehshan Mountain, the second highest mountain in East Asia.

China Province Implements Automated Traffic Enforcement

Jiangsu province is home to almost 80 million Chinese residents and government officials decided to install electronic citation systems to discourage traffic violation, assuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians at highly congested traffic intersections.

Video Transmission over IEEE 802.11n WAN for Bus Surveillance

A transportation company in Hawaii serves thousands of travelers each day across well over 100 routes each week with approximately 50 bus vehicles operating out of 2 bus depots...