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Applications - Networking for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Advanced Transport Management Systems (ATMS)

In order to interconnect the enormous amount of monitoring nodes that deliver traffic and road condition data and signaling to and from centralized controllers, an ATMS needs a high capacity hierarchical IP network that is reliable. Visit the ATMS microsite to learn more.

Intelligent E-Bus

Adoption of intelligent bus transport systems and networks provides multiple benefits for both the operator and passengers such as optimized travel time and onboard notifications. Most importantly, efficient bus utilization means less vehicles on the road, reducing road congestion and ultimately greenhouse emissions. Visit the Intelligent E-Bus microsite to learn more.


To meet tunnel safety requirements an operator needs to have both traffic monitoring and control. Any incidents within the tunnel must be detected immediately so that its risk can be determined quickly to stop vehicles from entering danger zones and clear traffic from the tunnel as soon as possible. Visit the Tunnels microsite to learn more.