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RSS Feed of Industrial Networking for Transportation Automation

RSS Feed of Industrial Networking for Transportation Automation

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Case Studies

Onboard Metro NVR in Taipei MRT

Taipei MRT called for high performing and reliable industrial computers for seamless integration with the backbone and video surveillance system. Moxa answered with IEC 60571 compliant devices. Read the story to find out which Moxa computers were applied.

Industrial Ethernet Backbone for Railway in Norway

A Norwegian manufacturer of railway vehicles was looking to connect all devices (i.e. IP cameras, IP phones, video recorders, a passenger information system, a passenger counting system and a WiFi system) to a network with reliable industrial Ethernet switches…

On-Board Train IP Network for French Railway

The objective was the refurbishment of two regional train lines in the suburbs of Paris, and a reliable on-board train IP network was key. The solution provider turned to Moxa to deliver train certified industrial Ethernet switches for building the network backbones.

Passenger Information System in Danish Buses and Trains

Commute Media, known as "Gratis Danmark" in Denmark, has developed a series of passenger information system solutions for buses and trains, including free of charge internet access. Companies are now able to interact with consumers during their "free" time, when they are open to advertising.

On-board Ethernet for the Driverless Metro

Spread over 8 million square meters, Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University of Riyadh is able to enroll up to 40.000 students. The university has a high-tech transport system with automatic and computer-controlled vehicles linking all important facilities at the campus around the clock.

Gigabit Ethernet Switches for Kaohsiung MRT

The KMRT is a rapid transit railway system operating in the metropolitan area of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The initial integrated communication network carried voice, video, and building automation data with an SDH network and connected to the PA system, intercom, security and access control, and BA SCADA systems.

Advertising, Voice and Passenger Information System in Helsinki's Metro Trains

Helsinki City Transport contracted the advertising space in their underground to the company Clear Channel in order to provide real-time advertising and entertainment for metro passengers. The technology of choice for the content delivery was IP.

Technology Guidebooks

Smart IO Programming Guidebook - Click & Go

Everybody can do programming! Moxa’s Click&Go local control logic for the ioLogik Active Ethernet I/O server eliminates the cumbersome programming generally required for data acquisition, alarm messaging, and local control tasks.

Serial to Ethernet Guidebook

The serial-to-Ethernet products discussed in this book are referred to as serial device servers. The goal of this book is to provide potential users of serial-to-Ethernet products with the knowledge required to choose the most appropriate product and operation mode for their particular application.

Industrial Wireless Guidebook

This guidebook will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of industrial wireless technologies and serve as your most trusted guide to getting un-wired.


Choosing the Ideal Computers for Rolling Stock Applications

There are many rolling stock applications, each of which has specific requirements. This white paper is a guide to choosing the ideal computer for your rolling stock applications.

How to Build Industrial Computers that Resist Vibration and Shock

This white paper first explains some background about the physics behind vibration and shock, and then explores the specific mechanisms and technology used to build an industrial computer with high resilience against these harsh conditions.


Creating Embedded Computing Opportunities in Marine Shipping

This white paper explores the various unique challenges posed when deploying embedded computers in various locations on a seagoing vessel, and identifies how these challenges can be overcome by the rugged and robust products in Moxa’s product line.

How to Choose a Marine Computer: Criteria for Selection

Modern ships host an ever-increasing amount of electronic equipment. Learn how to select a computer that's up to the challenge of effectively managing these many devices in a demanding maritime environment.