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Moxa Achieves IRIS Certification for Railroads

Moxa Achieves IRIS Certification for Railroads

The IRIS certification for passenger information and communication systems is among the most stringent international standards to achieve, in part due to demanding process... Full Details

Case Studies


Department of Transportation Deploys ITS over Fiber Gigabit Ethernet

Read how the state DOT planned to centralize traffic control/monitoring of highways (including roads, bridges, and tunnels) across the state’s 5 central TMCs.

China Highways Deploy HD IP Surveillance

The “Safe City” program, launched nationwide in 2006, has triggered the installation of millions of surveillance cameras across China in over 600 cities. Surveillance systems are increasingly implementing high-definition IP cameras and many have also deployed PoE-based IP cameras to take advantage of simple deployment, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance.

Railway Transportation

Onboard Metro NVR in Taipei MRT

Taipei MRT called for high performing and reliable industrial computers for seamless integration with the backbone and video surveillance system. Moxa answered with IEC 60571 compliant devices. Read the story to find out which Moxa computers were applied.

Industrial Ethernet Backbone for Railway in Norway

A Norwegian manufacturer of railway vehicles was looking to connect all devices (i.e. IP cameras, IP phones, video recorders, a passenger information system, a passenger counting system and a WiFi system) to a network with reliable industrial Ethernet switches…

Marine Transportation

ECDIS Navigation System

ECDIS stands for Electronic Chart Display and Information System, and it is a huge leap forward for seaways navigation. This technical case study is a brief introduction to ECDIS components, relating a few of the details about how these systems are put together and the technical requirements that must be met to build a dependable and efficient ECDIS bridge station.

Oil Spill Detection System

This is a technical case study reviewing the specialized marine hardware components that make up an oil spill detection (OSD) system. In it, we give a general overview of the requirements industrial computers must meet to effectively serve these specialized systems, and indicate the peculiar elements of maritime technical environments that an OSD computer must fulfill.

White Papers


3 Key Elements of a Robust Intelligent Transportation Network

In this article, we will discuss solutions to ensure ITS network reliability, efficient management of ITS operation and maintenance, as well as current ITS industry trends and best practices.

How to choose an outdoor IP camera

CCTV surveillance cameras are now a common sight in cities around the world, with cameras used at major intersections to catch speeders and would-be runners of red lights. However, as many drivers have learned, outdoor cameras have a high failure rate, and consequently only a fraction of the cameras installed are actually operational.

Railway Transportation

New Locations and New Requirements for On Board IP CCTV

IP-based CCTV systems are becoming an absolute requirement for train operations. As IP cameras are deployed in more and more locations onboard a train, there is a corresponding increase in the performance, reliability, and design requirements for those IP cameras.

The 4 Most Useful Technologies for Train-to-Ground Communications

As train operations move towards increasingly computerized Unattended Train Operations (UTO), trackside control centers must process additional data, including video feeds from front and rear-facing cameras on the train. These additional processes consume more bandwidth, and need more robust Train-to-Ground (T2G) links to support them. But even as bandwidth requirements grow, the existing challenging requirements of T2G operations - mobility, low latency, and reliability - remain. In this white paper, we review four useful technologies that help system operators bring a seemingly insurmountable task down to size.

Marine Transportation

EDCIS Hardware and the Integrated Bridge

The marine industry’s mandated transition to the Electronic Charts Display and Information System is a revolutionary development in ships’ bridge systems. In this white paper, we show you how technological advances are aiding in modularization of bridge systems, and particularly how a new technique for calibrating color in ECDIS displays is simplifying the design and deployment of these systems.

How to Build Industrial Computers that Resist Vibration and Shock

This white paper first explains some background about the physics behind vibration and shock, and then explores the specific mechanisms and technology used to build an industrial computer with high resilience against these harsh conditions.


Easy Railroad Condition Monitoring

See how an RTU controller can provide remote monitoring of wayside equipment devices: railroad crossing boom gate positions, flashing lights, and sirens, etc., by providing early warnings of possible system failures and other anomalous behavior.

Featured Products

MD-119 Series: 19” ECDIS marine display, 1280 x 1024 resolution

19” wide viewable display with 5:4 aspect ratio and 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution. The full range dimming and optical bonding are well-suited for a variety of marine applications.

TN-5508-4PoE: 8-port managed Ethernet switch with 4 PoE ports

The TN-5500 series is designed for railway and ITS applications with its M12 connectors. These managed switches also perform flawlessly through vibration and shock environments.

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